Sonoff Devices Flashed with Tasmota Firmware

I currently have 6 Sonoff Basic devices, all flashed with Tasmota firmware and configured to monitor for MQTT messages to trigger electrical devices around my home.    Each Sonoff is connected to a Home Assistant button.   Below is a screenshot of the way my Home Assistant user interface is designed.    This screen is consistantly changing but gives you an idea of how it looks.

The IP addresses for each Sonoff is shown below:

  • / sonoff01-0315 Pauls Light – Right
  • / sonoff02-0123 Basement Apple TV
  • / sonoff03-5225 Fishtank Light
  • / sonoff04-7980 Mary’s Light (Christmas Tree)
  • / sonoff05-2317 Pauls Light – Left
  • / sonoff06-4346 Fishtank Accessories

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