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DJI Spark

My passion for photography has taken a new twist; drones. Drone technology has advanced faster than any technology I’ve ever seen. Flying cameras are here and more affordable than ever before. I’ve recently purchased a DJI Spark and love flying it all the while shooting videos and taking pictures.

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Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer originally designed for education. Creator Eben Upton’s goal was to create a low-cost device that would improve programming skills and hardware understanding at the pre-university level. But thanks to its small size and accessible price, it was quickly adopted by tinkerers, makers, and electronics enthusiasts for projects that require more than a basic microcontroller.

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The fishkeeping hobby is really a combination of a couple interests of mine. One of course is fishkeeping, but the other interest is automation. My goal with my fishtank setup was to develop the ability to control the various components of my tank remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet. This part of my hobby has grown from over the years. I began with a simple script to update a field on a my-SQL database and has grown into technology that includes MQTT, Node-Red, ESP8266, and other types of hardware like circuit boards, and relays.

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Home Assistant

I’ve decided to try a new home automation hub called Home-Assitant on Raspberry Pi. Home Assistant is an open-source home automation tool that runs on a Raspberry Pi. Using Home Assistant you can control your devices from a single mobile-friendly interface and set up advanced rules to bring your home alive. See the Home Assistant blog for a complete description of all devices I have set up to be controlled or monitored through Home Assistant.

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Passions, Pastimes and Hobbies

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. I decided to put this site together for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, to explain what I enjoy doing in my spare time. So many times conversations revolve around spare-time activities. I’m often asked things like: What shows do you like on television? Are you a Michigan or Michigan State fan? What is your handicap in golf? Have you seen ? What types of books do you read? My answers are always none, neither, no, none and I don’t. In my opinion, there’s nothing worth watching on TV. I don’t enjoy reading or sports. The last movie I saw at the theater is ET. The last time I golfed I got so upset/frustrated with myself that I swore I would never play again. I simply don’t enjoy the things most other people like to do in their spare time. So, here it is. Feel free to take a look around. These are the things I enjoy spending time on. Another reason for putting this site together is to keep a record of the things I do, projects I’ve worked on, and ideas I’ve had. So many times I’ve wondered how I did something in the past. I used to be able to rely on memory to recall but as time goes on, I’m finding I need to write things down. So these pages are records of the little projects I’ve recently worked on. The internet is a wonderful tool. I’m constantly using it for assistance in my daily life. Hopefully someone will someday find something useful on the pages here as well. If so, feel free to comment. It would be great to hear from you.

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I've successfully implemented each of the projects discussed in the writeups below.